Opening Checklist (Russellville Location)

Russellville Opening Checklist

Facility Checklist

Lot Inspection Upon Arrival (Walk around building & ensure closers left site in proper condition) *
Unlock Essential Doors for Operations *
Ensure Lot is Clear of Trash and Debris *
Ensure All Trash Cans are Empty to Begin the Day *
Place Blue Cones in Position in Each Lane *
Place Fully Stocked Towel Cart in Position on Lot *
Place Sales Attendant Tool Box in Position at SPS *
Check Every Vacuum For Clogs & Fix If Necessary
Using Leaf Blower, Walk Perimeter of Property and Vacuum Lot and Blow Away Loose Debris
Turn on Water Supply Valve for Mat Washer
Flip Breaker to On Position for Mat Washer
Turn Off Sobrite Reclaim System by Turning Knob to OFF. Using the Small Metal Tool on top of the Reclaim Power Box, Open Filter Basket and Clean the Filter Using Sink.
Turn On Reclaim System After Cleaning Basket By Turning Knob to AUTO
Mark Online Chemical Drums Using a Sharpie. Draw Line at Current Level of Chemical Inside Barrel and Write the Date (ex. 6/5) Beside The Line
Open Doors on SPS and Secure in Open Position *

Tunnel Checklist

Open Both Entrance & Exit Doors on PBS (Black Pedestal) and Turn on ALL Lights *
Check Salt Level in Black Brine Tank by the Water Softener & Add Salt If Water is Above Salt Level. Add Salt Until it Is Above Water Level.
Pull RED E-Stop Knob on MCC to Power Tunnel *
Turn VAC 1 & VAC 2 Knobs on MCC to AUTO (Green Light Should Turn On) *
Turn Red Valve to On Position on Both Air Compressors *
Turn on Both Overhead Blue Valves For Each Compressor. (Left Side Supplies Air to Tunnel, Right Side Supplies Air to Vacuum Lot)
Turn on Light Blue Air Valve to Supply Air to 3 Tank Prep Mixing Stations *
Inspect All Prep Lines (Yellow, Orange, Blue) for Leaks While in Use *
Ensure Conveyor Grates are in Proper Position (Rough Side Up) *
Fill Soap Buckets on DS & PS *
Close Gates from Digital Queue and Set to AUTO *
Walk-Thru Tunnel and Inspect ALL Hydraulic Hoses Feeding Into Motors on Equipment & Make Sure There Are No Hydraulic Leaks At Connections *
Using Your Hand, Check ALL Hydraulic Hose Connections to Motors on Equipment for Any Leaks *
Manually Extend DS & PS Wheel Brushes and Ensure Smooth Return to Home Position *
Manually Pull DS & PS Entrance Wraps to Center and Release. Ensure Smooth Return to Home Position *
Manually Pull Top Brush #1 Down and Release. Watch for a Smooth Return to Home Position *
Manually Pull Top Brush #2 Down and Release. Watch for a Smooth Return to Home Position *
Manually Extend DS & PS Tire Shine Brushes Using Your Foot to Push Outwards and Ensure Smooth Return to Home Position *
Inspect ALL Wrap Material for ANYTHING that Could Scratch A Vehicle *
Press "WET DOWN" Button on Black Pedestal to Begin Wet Down of Equipment (Runs for 60 Seconds) *

Ghost Wash Process

Press "GHOST WASH" Button on Black Pedestal to Load into Queue *
Press "ROLLER UP" Button on Black Pedestal to Send Rollers *
Stand In Path of Eye to Fire Wash (Stay In Path Until Entrance Wraps Move to Center) *
Step on Bell Hose to Simulate Front Wheels and Activate CTA *
Step on Bell Hose to Simulate Rear Wheels and Activate CTA *
Walk Thru Tunnel At Pace of Equipment Activating and Ensure All Functions Are Working (CHECK BOX IF ANY OF THESE HAS ISSUES)) *