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We Are A Premium Car Wash

We offer a variety of wash packages, add-ons, and amenities to tailor your wash to your needs

Tyler HoffTyler Hoff
21:52 20 Apr 23
Car wash is great, good people, and good service. However the ONLY location is ALWAYS busy and it takes FOREVER to get through the car wash! Highly recommend to the owners to maybe open up a second location on the other side of town! I pay for the monthly membership, but hardly get to use it because the one location is so busy!
Heather BlakeHeather Blake
17:51 14 Apr 23
I absolutely love getting my car washed and vacuumed. It always looks so amazing, and the workers are truly amazing!
Britney ElrodBritney Elrod
21:29 29 Mar 23
I always have a great experience here, Kristen always has a smile on her face and is very kind and friendly.
Jonathan FoxJonathan Fox
18:28 25 Mar 23
Best auto car wash in town. Reasonable rates for unlimited washing. I get my $$$ worth every month. Plus the vacuum system and complimentary rags and windex are a great way to get your ride clean every weekend. Save time and money, use Thoroughbred Express.
Brittany WalkerBrittany Walker
13:26 24 Mar 23
This is a great car wash!!! I am so glad they are in Russellville! The car wash does an exceptional job cleaning the exterior of my vehicle. The vacuum area is always kept in working order! Great service!!
cynthia fluittcynthia fluitt
15:25 23 Mar 23
My daughter and I got lost traveling and pulled into the Thoroughbred Car Wash in Russellville KY. Kristen was one of the best customer service members I have had the pleasure of crossing paths with in many years. Two Thumbs up to this car wash!!
Makayla YandellMakayla Yandell
17:44 11 Mar 23
Kristin was amazing! She helped us get the wash we needed and a discount as well. Zach, Gavin, and Jayven did a great job scrubbing the front and tires. Highly recommend going here!
Shelby LaneShelby Lane
16:52 08 Mar 23
absolutely the BEST car wash near me! my car always shiny after and the employees are so nice!!
Kyle EpleyKyle Epley
15:52 01 Jan 23
If you car is slightly dirty this place does great. Especially on a good paint job. But don't expect to get snow/salt, dirt/mud off of it completely. That any auto wash though. The service was great and I've had many great washes here.
alisa swayzealisa swayze
15:23 05 Dec 22
Always clean and shiny vehicle after every wash. Seems to last for awhile too. Very satisfying!
Aj DentonAj Denton
15:28 25 Oct 22
Great car wash all around! Definitely worth it they offer free self serve vacum ,detailing spray, towels, car fragrance also have a mat washer. All these things combined with the automated wash give you exactly what you need and want from a car wash. I'd rate it 5 stars and definitely recommend it
Vicki WimpeeVicki Wimpee
21:10 12 Oct 22
They were very good with the cleaning of my auto. When I go through car washes they don’t always get my auto clean but no issues there. Thank You Bardstown Thoroughbred Express
Michael BrindleyMichael Brindley
20:16 28 Jul 22
I have two separate monthly accounts and I managed to go there daily to get my car washed. The employees there go way out of their way to make sure that you were taken care of and are very nice! I recommend them to anyone in the Russellville area! The wash it self is awesome and my car is never ever dirty anymore.
Travis MastTravis Mast
14:55 16 Jul 22
Brushes left scuffs on the tailgate and tailgate had just been repainted and put back on like the day before and was absolutely flawless untill I went through the car wash. The paint was fully cured it sat in the shop for 60 days. There was also other spots on the corner of the cab on the truck that was scuffed but mostly the tailgate was what got the most damage, definitely will not be using this car wash again.. Customer service was great thoughI will not be comin back very unhappy
Alexandra HughesAlexandra Hughes
18:14 11 Jun 22
We have a monthly membership here, and we tend to take our car to get washed every single day. All the employees we have ever had interactions with have always provided us with the best experience! Also, we love all of the free services that we are able to utilize with our car wash (vacuum, air hose, cleaner, rags, etc.)
Tina HopkinsTina Hopkins
22:34 03 Dec 21
Kristin was very informative and helpful. Vacuum hose came apart from top of machine luckily it didn’t hit me vehicle or it would have damaged it.

Express Tunnel Services

Services available in the Express Tunnel are applied during your wash and can be added at the Pay Gate.


All of our locations offer a consistent assortment of post-wash amenities to maximize your wash!

Single Wash Packages

Our single wash packages offer a great value by bundling together different wash services.


$ 10 Single Wash Price
  • Wash & Dry
  • Free Vacuums


$ 15 Single Wash Price
  • Wash & Dry
  • Free Vacuums
  • Tire Shine
  • Rainbow Foam Bath
  • Triple Foam
  • Wheel Cleaner
  • Bug Prep


$ 20 Single Wash Price
  • Wash & Dry
  • Free Vacuums
  • Tire Shine
  • Rainbow Foam Bath
  • Triple Foam
  • Wheel Cleaner
  • Bug Prep
  • Ceramic Seal
  • Ceramic Shield
  • Weatherguard

Individual Services & Add-Ons

In addition to our single wash packages above, services can also be added ala carte at the pay terminal.

Why Thoroughbred Express?

Quality Driven

At Thoroughbred Express we strive to provide an unparalleled service experience and top-quality car washes each day while creating lasting and trusting relationships with all of our guests. 

Community Focused

While we not only set out to be your go-to destination for all your car cleaning needs, we also aim to be involved and proud volunteers within every community that we are fortunate enough to serve. 

Customers First

Our customers come first! We have crafted the perfect car wash for our customers to enjoy for years to come that covers all of your needs. If you are not happy with the quality of service you receive, let us know so we can make it right!

Environmentally Friendly

All of our Thoroughbred Express locations utilize water reclamation processes and reverse osmosis chambers in order to lighten our environmental footprint and reuse water. We use 65% less water in our tunnels than the average person does washing their vehicle at home. In addition to our energy efficient processes, we also only use chemicals in our tunnel that are environmentally safe and biodegradable.