Express exterior car washes first originated in 2001 and revolutionized the industry with the speed and efficiency that they operate with. An express exterior car wash uses a conveyor to guide vehicles through the tunnel which features soft-touch friction brushes, high pressurized water, and chemicals designed to clean a vehicle in 90 seconds or less. 

Thoroughbred Express offers exclusive unlimited memberships to our customers that make keeping your vehicle clean a worry of the past. 

Unlimited memberships are offered at a specific monthly rate where our customers can sign up using our License Plate Recognition and enjoy whenever they please. Each membership will renew monthly on the anniversary date of the original sign-up. Memberships can be cancelled at any time. 

License Plate Recognition is a brand new development in the car wash industry that focuses on creating a quick, seamless, and easy wash selection purchase or membership sign-up. Using cameras mounted near our pay stations, we can read & remember your license plate within our database to immediately open our gate to welcome you into our wash tunnel. 

We have put steps in place in order to make it simple to manage your unlimited membership for any of our locations. You can either call us, cancel on our website, use our Thoroughbred Express app, or ask one of our Customer Service Specialists on site and they can assist. 

You can update your payment method at any time using our Sonny’s eCommerce portal, our Thoroughbred Express app, or give us a call or visit on site and we can update this for you. 

Yes! Speak with one of our Customer Service Specialists on site and we can add as many vehicles to your membership as you wish. Please see “Group Plans” in our services and pricing tab for more information on pricing. 

Yes! So long as your vehicle meets the standard size requirements for our tunnel it will be extremely safe going through our tunnels. Our wraps are made of slim Neoglide microfiber extensions that softly glide across your car’s surface to provide an ultimate cleaning experience while leaving no scratches. We proudly use Zep Vehicle Care products in our tunnel that are also both vehicle safe, and designed to clean even the toughest road grime. 

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