Built from Experience

Based on many years of hands on experience in the car wash industry, we are confident that our wash process not only reinvents the every day approach to cleaning a car but also will create an excitingfamily-friendly, and memorable experience for all to enjoy for years to come. 

Our History

Thoroughbred Express Auto Wash is a modern express exterior car wash located in Russellville, KY Glasgow, KY, Bardstown, KY, Lawrenceburg, KY, Danville, KY, Seymour, IN, and coming soon to Campbellsville, KY.

  • 10+ years experience in the car wash industry operating large scale car wash operations and direct oversight of site acquisitions & renovations.
  • All Thoroughbred Express locations feature the latest tunnel equipment and premium car care products.

Our Mission

Thoroughbred Express aims to provide an unparalleled service experience & top-quality exterior car washes while making lasting contributions to communities that we call home. 

  • All Thoroughbred Express locations use environmentally friendly water conservation processes, and use only safe & biodegradable car wash chemistry.  
  • Each day we strive to create a safe & welcoming experience for all customers and employees. 
  • By using our License Plate Recognition system our guests enjoy short wait times and can get in and out in 3 minutes or less!

Our Core Values

  • Safety
  • Accountability
  • Dependability
  • Development
  • Leadership
  • Efficiency 

Thoroughbred Express was founded in 2020


Unlimited Members


Customer Satisfaction


7 Locations and Growing Every Year!



Customer Reviews

Chrome SlingerChrome Slinger
14:50 22 Mar 24
Great place and Richard is always helpful!
Chris WoodwardChris Woodward
18:06 19 Mar 24
Kayla Preston
Marsha MilesMarsha Miles
14:05 19 Mar 24
Von ReedVon Reed
13:19 14 Mar 24
Best carwash ever Kayla and Shelby are the best.
Vivian AndersonVivian Anderson
01:13 14 Mar 24
Jason AdkinsJason Adkins
21:13 13 Mar 24
Kira MonroeKira Monroe
15:49 11 Mar 24
Best in town and Derrick Mann was very friendly
Erin MarshallErin Marshall
19:45 08 Mar 24
Love this car wash! Friendly staff, quick service, and the self vacuum is so easy to use! Richard is always happy and helpful!
Fred ProffittFred Proffitt
23:44 28 Feb 24
Dennis FergusonDennis Ferguson
00:23 24 Feb 24
Marco RomeroMarco Romero
23:03 18 Feb 24
Sandy LyonsSandy Lyons
20:25 18 Feb 24
Great friendly staff! Nice to keep a clean car!
Mike MarkleMike Markle
17:53 06 Feb 24
HIGHLY RECOMMEND! It’s a great price to get your car washed and on top of that the vacuuming and glass cleaner and air fresheners are FREE! Love it!Thanks, James for your help in recommending the monthly membership and for explaining everything so well.
David EvansDavid Evans
22:39 05 Feb 24
Great service!
Kevin ButtonKevin Button
00:37 27 Jan 24
Fantastic as always they do an excellent job
Cynthia WolvertonCynthia Wolverton
12:01 23 Jan 24
Always fast and friendly! Now, the vacuums were not that great this time. They had hardly any suction to them. But usually great!
natalie nicholsnatalie nichols
22:19 22 Jan 24
Cody McclellanCody Mcclellan
15:40 04 Jan 24
Any one known is vac cleaner still free there
Robert HarperRobert Harper
20:16 01 Jan 24
Very nice service and efficient service with respectful people
Amy CloydAmy Cloyd
12:45 27 Dec 23
One of the best in Glasgow. Great suction in vacuums!
The staff is amazing! Very hard working, professional and friendly. There are days my vehicle doesn’t need to be cleaned and I still go to get it washed because the staff is so amazing.
Deborah KoehlerDeborah Koehler
23:24 11 Dec 23
Initially surprised thar our choices were $15-$20-$25...BUT...our truck never looked this good! We chose the $20 service. It's so clean and so shiny! I am so impressed, and we will be back to wash and shine our other vehicle.
Harold DoxtaterHarold Doxtater
22:49 03 Nov 23
Great car wash, nice vacuum area. Nice people.
Ethan TruelockEthan Truelock
22:47 17 Oct 23
Beth RealeBeth Reale
18:33 14 Oct 23
Barbara MinorBarbara Minor
12:46 12 Oct 23
Jack HawleyJack Hawley
15:34 08 Oct 23
Stephanie CarsonStephanie Carson
19:51 29 Aug 23
Blake ParrishBlake Parrish
12:36 14 Aug 23
dawson smithdawson smith
21:32 18 Jul 23
Great place with friendly staff
Brenda EnglandBrenda England
15:16 18 Jul 23
Great people and an excellent wash!
Amy HurtAmy Hurt
20:05 13 Jul 23
Justin SmithJustin Smith
20:26 02 Jul 23
Best car wash in Glasgow.
Dan NicholasDan Nicholas
18:19 19 Jun 23
Regular but nice and thorough drive thru but the cool thing I'is that after the wash you get to use self serve powerful vacuums and you get towels, window cleaner And air fresheners FREE. The attendant was a joyfull fellow
Tabitha WattTabitha Watt
22:49 07 Jun 23
I love this place! Richard gave me all the details and info I needed to get set up on a monthly subscription. Would recommend this war wash to anyone!
Debbie RobertsDebbie Roberts
11:47 02 May 23
Wonderful car wash!! Very clean! Car always comes out clean. Free vacuums, drying cloths, air freshener, etc included. Nice friendly staff!! Richard greets everyone entering. Always has a nice smile. He is the nicest customer service person you could ever meet. This is rare in todays world. He is definitely a keeper!!
waylon griffinwaylon griffin
22:43 13 Apr 23
I wish all employees could be like Richard! I was having a bad day and he greeted me with a smile and noticed k wasn’t feeling great and gave me a complementary wash. As always the car came out looking spotless! Thanks Richard!
Brennan CrainBrennan Crain
15:25 04 Apr 23
Thoroughbred is a convenient and efficient stop to wash my car. Their automatic wash is superb. There are plenty of vacuums on site and they offer free air fresheners and interior spray cleaner. You can't beat it! Thanks for investing in Glasgow and providing a great business to locals here.
Jason JacksonJason Jackson
22:32 01 Apr 23
Great service and their automatic wash really does work! Car is clean!I love too that they have all the self cleaning stuff you need for the inside, for free, including awesome air fresheners.
Hank McSchlankHank McSchlank
20:43 30 Mar 23
great car wash. i pay for the monthly membership and come all the time. having access to wash rags and vacuums after each watch is great and i always leave with a car that’s sparkling like new.
Judy PoynterJudy Poynter
19:23 30 Mar 23
Love this car wash. Friendly people working there. Does a great job on my car.
linda burchlinda burch
20:29 29 Mar 23
I love this place!! About to start my 3rd year of a yearly membership. The staff is amazing! Always friendly and helpful. Definitely recommend them!!!
Madyson CootsMadyson Coots
01:49 22 Mar 23
Staff was very professional! The car wash is great. It has very powerful vacuums, cleaners, scent cards, and even a machine that washes the car mats. Highly recommend!
Went to get my truck washed today and sign up for monthly subscription but was turned away. I was told to go to self serve and wash the mud off fender wells then I could come back for automatic wash. Took my business across town to waterworks who washed it with no problem.
Bob HoweBob Howe
20:26 28 Jul 22
Awesome place to get your car cleaned, great quick service with a smile. All services are new and always work well, and if by chance there is a problem an employee is quick to assist.. highly recommend
Alisha CopeAlisha Cope
15:04 05 Jul 22
I pay 30 dollars a month to be able to go through the car wash as many times I need and free vacuuming as well! They supply you with cleaner, rags and air freshener when you vacuum it out! Also they have a mat cleaner! I love this place! Very friendly people too!
Jeremy HarperJeremy Harper
19:33 29 Jun 22
This place is awesome I recommend it to anyone. The prices are real Fair. And the neatest thing they got this machine you can run your floor mats through and it washes them for you.I want to give a big shout out to my dude Richard for doing a A1 job all the time. As soon as you pull into the business there's Richard to greet you with a big smile on his face and always good friendly conversation. This place is the best, professional and got the best rate in Glasgow.
Melinda ColonMelinda Colon
17:14 16 Jun 22
I love them! I left to try another place that opened in town only because I wanted the ability to wash in town and in another town where I worked. That was a huge mistake. The other place left rubber marks across my brand new car three times in a row and barely scrubbed the bugs off my car and when I complained, they told me that I should feel lucky they even do that. I immediately came back to thoroughbred. Here, they are always helpful. They always have the cleaning supplies out when I need them. The guys even grab my rubber mats to take them into the wash and spray them down for me when it's not too busy. My car is my business so it has to be clean 24/7. I would recommend this place to anyone. Service is amazing! I do agree with others that maybe a little bit more attention to the rims would be great.
Steven BranhamSteven Branham
21:45 14 Jun 22
Good car wash. Attendants washing tough dirt and bugs before entering is a good touch. More detail could be used on wheel cleaning… expensive individual wash, but monthly membership would be an excellent choice!! Overall a good experience.
James JohnsonJames Johnson
04:11 14 Jun 22
This is a primarily self serve carwash. You have an attendant who directs you at the Kiosk where you pick which wash you want and he is great. Smiles, explains the options and offers an inexpensive monthly rate for all the washes you want during the month. There is a team that preps your car before entering the wash. Then you drive to the self vacuums. They are included in your wash fee. The vacuums are powerful. (Do not accidentally apply one to your dog or children). They also provide spray bottles with cleanser and cloths to apply.
Morgan MorehouseMorgan Morehouse
21:57 10 Jun 22
fantastic service, kind staff. the wash was quick, entertaining and very efficient! my car is shining. we will be return customers!
WatsonTwins- ClarkWatsonTwins- Clark
18:14 11 May 22
Cheap monthly rates, friendly & I love all the accolades you get.FREE car/window cleanerFREE car freshenerFREE vacuumFREE AIR dusterFREE car mat wash....Cleans car pretty good. :)& Junebug[employee]is a huge help & very nice. Been going there a few months now. 💞
Ken WheelerKen Wheeler
14:24 09 May 22
Great employees! Very nice and friendly. My car looks fantastic!
Roberta AngelRoberta Angel
01:48 05 May 22
Very Nice people and loved how I can do my whole car there and then my mats for my car looked brand new after you clean it in the machine. Very nice car washed. It won't be a waste of Money. So go checked them out there...
Brett ZallaBrett Zalla
13:09 28 Mar 22
First time user today. Staff was extremely helpful. The experience was better than anticipated.
Patricia ThomasPatricia Thomas
20:24 15 Mar 22
It’s the best! The employees are super nice and helpful! Especially Kristin definitely will come back !
Whinney 15Whinney 15
14:36 28 Feb 22
Great service, car wash does a great job cleaning vacuums are good, and a great experience for kids my daughter loves the triple foam soap colors.
18:30 21 Feb 22
Fantastic Car Wash with a fantastic group of people. Richard an Sandra is always willing to help with anything need. Customer service is top notch.
Jamie HarrisJamie Harris
22:12 20 Feb 22
Mr. Austin does a great job every time! i appreciate how hard he’s working and how well he is running things when I stop by.
Denise PoynterDenise Poynter
21:52 12 Dec 21
This place is awesome! Richard is always there when I go and he couldn’t be any friendlier to deal with. Not only is this place a great value, the service is top-notch. I’m super happy to be a member!
Kevin GroceKevin Groce
19:34 17 Oct 21
Best Car Wash ever …. Top of the line computer ran cleaning … The People who run this car wash are Dazzling Professionals. I purchased a year of washes. If you have a car you love to drive … take your baby here …. If you don’t like the job done …. Hell I’d pay your bill. You will love it
Brittany JenkinsBrittany Jenkins
17:44 01 Sep 21
I have to admit, I was skeptical with the new remodel that I may not be as satisfied. Man was I wrong! I love how fast this place operates and a high quality level. My car gets so many compliments on how shiny it is. The high powered vacuums are great for my kids messes. The availability to access the spray for my car and scented air fresheners is just an added bonus. These people are great! Sandra is always available to lend a hand!
Hollie TillisHollie Tillis
16:13 01 Sep 21
I LOVE this car wash! Not only was I glad to see a nice car wash go up in this spot in Glasgow, but also happy to see a lot of the same employees from the previous business. Sierra & Sandra are AMAZING! They have been so great and consistent over the years with their friendliness and hard work. I told Sierra one time I didn’t want to get the tire shine and she has remembered it ever since. She’s ON IT! Honestly, EVERYONE is so nice. They really take time to answer questions and make you feel like your money spent was worth it. I have never felt rushed like I feel at other car washes. Thanks for the great service. 🙂
Sametta JohnsonSametta Johnson
17:50 30 Aug 21
RICHARD IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST OF THE BEST. He’s always super nice and very helpful. I don’t know if y’all have employee of the month or not but Id pick him if I were y’all. He does his JOB with the best attitude and professionalism. I love my car wash service GOD BLESS YALL
Olivia MarieOlivia Marie
20:48 25 Aug 21
I love this car wash! They offer anything and everything at extremely well pricing. I once had a billing issue and it was fixed within an hour of me even noticing. Richard is very helpful and is there every day rain or shine offering a friendly face! I use this car wash around 5 days a week and never have had a single issue, it only gets better with time!
Stephanie ThomersonStephanie Thomerson
17:55 23 Aug 21
Love going here! They are so nice and professional! The car wash does a great job at getting my SUV cleaned. Great prices! Richard is normally the person who is keeping an eye on the entrance and the vacuums. He has always been so nice and very helpful! My kids always wave at him and enjoy seeing him when we go there. Great place!!!
Austin LeeAustin Lee
21:49 20 Aug 21
I have used this car wash several times now. The staff is always very friendly and the results are just as good as washing it yourself at home. Jessica walked me through the different washes and provided great service. I will continue to use this car wash.
Randy PierceRandy Pierce
18:22 19 Aug 21
Sandra was very helpful with sign up and with questions. We have 3 cars on the unlimited best package and it works out great. In general very satisfied. Only suggestions would be better windshield bug remover and a larger amount of tire shine.We really like the team over there and will continue to be customers!
kelsea shawkelsea shaw
14:41 18 Aug 21
Sandra is the best! It’s always nice to return here when the employees remember you when you pull up. They’re so friendly and ready to assist their customers! Never disappoints, My favorite car wash by far!
Laura WoodLaura Wood
14:40 18 Aug 21
Gave Sandra and Drew a challenge to get all the bugs off my car and mission accomplished! Great place and great people. My car always looks amazing when I pull out!!
Cheyenne HowellCheyenne Howell
22:34 16 Aug 21
LOVE this car wash. Highly recommend getting the monthly package. Friendly staff that’s always helpful if you need anything. One employee that I would love to brag on is Richard, he is always so kind & respectful!
Donna FroedgeDonna Froedge
21:06 16 Aug 21
Richard was very nice! The interior/window spray seemed too watered down. Shine should be an option. Vac has great suction.The inside wheel well wasn’t very dirty, but still wasn’t clean after exiting wash. Still had bugs on front end. Canopies over detailing area would be phenomenal, such as a facility in neighboring county.
Stacie OwenStacie Owen
19:50 17 Jul 21
Went for the first time today and Jessica helped me out tremendously. The hole crew was amazingly helpful and so friendly. I loved my experience so much that I had to go home and bring the hubby and his truck back. I will definitely be back!
babette portillobabette portillo
22:51 02 Jul 21
Great new place. Gets the car spotless! The kids love going through. The vacuum work super well. Really nice people.
MacKinsey WilliamsMacKinsey Williams
16:42 19 Jun 21
Jessica was great in helping me decide just what I wanted! The kids loved the fun colors they made it fun! And I love how I can go get my car cleaned and run over to groceries all in one trip!
Tony PetersTony Peters
00:40 17 Jun 21
This place is so awesome and definitely Thorough! The air compressor is a game changer! They put a lot of time into providing what you need to get your car shining again! Will definitely be back!
20:40 16 Jun 21
This is a fantastic car wash! Quick, reliable, safe, and very good car wash. The monthly membership is a very good value. The vacuum section is very good as well. I highly recommend this car wash! Very good ownership and professional car wash.
Dustin LeeDustin Lee
19:11 14 Jun 21
Very quick and clean experience. Nicest wash around
Allyson FieldsAllyson Fields
02:20 05 Jun 21
I went to wash my car today, and I was very pleased with outcome. My car looked very clean, and the workers were very professional and friendly. Overall a great experience. The free vacuuming, windex, and towels are a great plus. I will definitely be going back!
16:51 04 Jun 21
Professional, fast & gets your car super clean. You can buy unlimited packages, that will let you go once daily. Which is a really great deal..
William CaldwellWilliam Caldwell
20:29 23 May 21
Fair and friendly. Fair prices great job. With friendly person to explain how it all works. My Jeep never looked so good. It has been four days and it still shines.
Jerry HobartJerry Hobart
18:38 21 May 21
Gentleman working the gate was helping others but still found time to help my ride smell nice.Wash was great!Clean ride & helpful staff! TY 👍
Julie SmithJulie Smith
15:40 14 May 21
We absolutely love Thoroughbred Express!! The wash quality is outstanding and the self service vacuum area which includes window cleaner and towels as well as air freshener provides excellent equipment to do the job just right!Seeing friendly faces and many familiar ones as well adds that personal touch! Sandra Huff, Sierra Foxx, Richard Austin and Drew Barbour, who were all with Auto Spa Complex, give comfort knowing their level of expertise and stellar customer service is still going strong! Great new owners and new faces as well!Join a monthly membership today at Thoroughbred Express, 707 W. Main St. in Glasgow and keep your car protected and shining!
Brandon RenoBrandon Reno
14:05 25 Apr 21
A little pricey for the car wash. However, the employee service was exceptional and informative. The lady (sandy?) who greeted me was an informative great advocate to the company. Would recommend!!
Rebekkah ArnoldRebekkah Arnold
14:13 22 Apr 21
Sandra and Trevor were very helpful! I am impressed with the quality of the vaccum system. The monthly wash club is a great value!
Brittany GardnerBrittany Gardner
20:38 16 Apr 21
I was a little sad when I learned this new car wash did not clean the inside of cars anymore. But since visiting I love it WAY more than before!The line for the car wash goes so fast. If you sign up to be a member (which I have) you pull up to the kiosk and it scans your license plate number and send you on your way. Then you pull up and they spray and brush off your car and send you through the car wash.Afterwards you can swing by the free vacuums. They have excellent power suction and do a really good job cleaning carpet.The employees there are super helpful and always kind. Sandra has worked there for a long time and has always been so kind. She went out of her way today to help me out with different things. She even came by as I was vacuuming to see how the wash did.So glad this place has come to Glasgow. I never realized how much I enjoy a clean vehicle!
Shawn ShawShawn Shaw
01:04 07 Apr 21
Went through last week. Was a little confused about the whole process but Sandra helped me get it done! The wash was great, truck came out very clean. Would recommend to anyone in the area! She is a great worker. Thanks for all of the help. A+
Crystal CaryCrystal Cary
13:04 03 Apr 21
great new car wash. lights add a great touch for the kids in the vehicle. does good on your vehicle. only downfall is I wish they had Armour all or something similar avaliable.
Natasha HarperNatasha Harper
17:52 01 Apr 21
Amazing place! Staff members are the BOMB! The vacuums they have are so powerful our car looks brand new on the inside. The car wash it's self is awesome! The experience of our first time makes us want to come back over and over again. We are even thinking about becoming VIP members!!! Amazing job guys!!!!
Quinten KirkQuinten Kirk
22:35 31 Mar 21
Jaylin helped us. She did great! 5 star
Sandra PoynterSandra Poynter
14:36 27 Mar 21
Much faster and you don't even have yo get out of your car.
Erika EvansErika Evans
23:12 26 Mar 21
High quality car wash, wonderful customer service, and a fair wash price! Will definitely be back!
Rj PitcockRj Pitcock
03:17 21 Mar 21
I definitely recommend to anyone. I'll be using this service very often and also thanks to jaylin and tj for helping me get signed up for very affordable monthly service!
Sandra HuffSandra Huff
12:07 18 Mar 21
Thoroughbread is the best car wash ever!! So glad we have one close to home. My car came out sparkling clean. They have powerful vacuums and wonderful staff who are ready to help.
Trevor NewsomeTrevor Newsome
01:58 18 Mar 21
Great customer service, Glasgow needed one of these! Loved the experience of all the tunnel lights. Car was very clean after wash.
Justin FrostJustin Frost
19:46 17 Mar 21
Very nice car wash! The entire experience is great. The staff is very friendly, and their prices can’t be touched. I will be going back and referring friends as well!
Jaylin JonesJaylin Jones
13:31 17 Mar 21
This is a great car wash! Affordable, very nice staff and my car came out clean.
Nick NuneyNick Nuney
13:30 17 Mar 21
Best car was I’ve been to! The location is nice and the team was friendly as well.
Matt WilliamsMatt Williams
13:02 17 Mar 21
My favorite place to wash my car and truck. The wash does an amazing job and the customer service was outstanding. They also have everything you need to clean the interior of your car. I won’t wash anywhere else after going there.
Bethany NorrisBethany Norris
23:05 12 Mar 21
Thomas AdkinsThomas Adkins
23:06 18 Feb 21
Best car wash in South Central Kentucky!